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  • Listening to: Say Amen (Saturday Night) - Panic! At the Disco
  • Reading: The Lost Plot
So this year, I've been ambitious in making thumbnails of things to draw that are all music driven, either by the title or by the tune it's self as a way to shake off winter and have a goal to complete outside of work and writing.

Because I've 50+ pieces i want to do (AND WILL PROBABLY KEEP ON ADDING MORE BECAUSE I HAVE NO CHILL), I'm putting the entire list here so it will at least give me a visual reference of where I am on the list of things to do, but also so you can all see what the general playlist is. They wont always appear in this order because I like to switch and change things a lot, but i have grouped some of the pieces by themes of either genres of titles.

  1. Ma'am...Some Other SunsetAge of Mythology
    1. Sirocco: Ma'am...Some Other Sunset by Blue-Hearts
  2. SkysoundsMarcus Warner
    1. SB: Sky Sounds by Blue-Hearts
  3. Emergency Protocol - Marcus Warner
    1. SB: Emergency Protocol by Blue-Hearts
  4. The Forest - The Chemical Brothers
    1. Blacklight: The Forest by Blue-Hearts
  5. The First Few Waves - Marcus Warner
    1. SB: The First Few Waves by Blue-Hearts
  6. Windchaser - Really Slow Motion
    1. Sirocco: Windchaser by Blue-Hearts
  7. Run Free - Two Steps From Hell
    1. Sirocco: Run Free by Blue-Hearts
  8. Sogno di Volare - Christopher Tin
    1. GOLD: Sogno di Volaire by Blue-Hearts
  9. Far Horizons - Jeremy Soule
    1. SB: Far Horizons by Blue-Hearts
  10. Eternal Sun - Fred Clark
    1. [Complete]
  11. Fly - Phill Lober
    1. [Complete]
  12. Wide Open Sky - Audiomachine
    1. [Complete]
  13. Made of Stardust - Epic Soul Factory
    1. [In Progress]
  14. Purple Skies - Really Slow Motion
    1. [In Progress]
  15. Airglow - Mark Petrie
    1. [In Progress]
  16. Sparks - Coldplay
  17. Soda - The Cinematic Orchestra
  18. Tsimtsum - Mike Nowak
  19. Yekeleni Pt.1 - Hans Zimmer
  20. Time - Hans Zimmer
  21. Launch - Really Slow Motion
  22. A Tree For My Bed -  John Williams
  23. Transformation -  The Cinematic Orchestra
  24. On the Count of Ten - Marcus Warner
  25. Creation of Earth - Two Steps From Hell
  26. I of the Storm - Of Monsters and Men
  27. After Rain - Dermot Kennedy
  28. Formed By Glaciers - Kubbi
  29. Flight Over The Alps  - Jacob Shea
  30. Savage Beauty - Jasha Klebe
  31. Have You Met Her Thunder - Age of Mythology
  32. All the Strange Creatures - Murray Gold
  33. A Tale of Sea Dragons - Marcus Warner
  34. Fall So Hard - Selectracks
  35. Afraid of Heights - Billy Talent
  36. West Coast Smoker - Fall Out Boy
  37. Hellfire - Barns Courtney
  38. Glitter & Gold - Barns Courtney
  39. Kicks - Barns Courtney
  40. Rather Die - Barns Courtney
  41. Let's Just Live -  Jeff & Casey Lee Williams
  42. Neon -  eff & Casey Lee Williams
  43. Caffeine - Jeff & Casey Lee Williams
  44. Human - Rag'n'Bone Man
  45. Get Mad, Get Even - Epic Score
  46. Run Boy Run -  Woodkid
  47. Jump! - Two Steps From Hell
  48. High C's - Two Steps From Hell
  49. Ends of the Earth - Brian Tyler
  50. In This World or the One Below - Brian Tyler
  51. Into Darkness - Two Steps From Hell
  52. In Hushed Whispers - Trevor Morris
  53. Northpoint Nocturne - Rik Schaffer
  54. The Last of Us - Gustavo Santaolla
  55. We Fight On - Trevor Morris
  56. We Rule the World - Phil Lober
  57. You Light Up the Sky - Denny Schneidmesser
  58. We Are Here for Each Other - Patryk Scelina
  59. Stay - Two Steps from Hell ft. Merethe Soltvedt
  60. Last of the Wilds - Nightwish
  61. Flight of the Silverbird - Two Steps From Hell
  • Listening to: Eternal Sun - Fred Clarke
  • Reading: The Bear and the Nightingale
I'm very sorry for the lack of art and updates as I've been suffering with the usual Winter depression-insomnia combo which as per usual has completely crushed my motivation to do anything, though this time with the added stress and mental fatigue of work and a completely erratic schedule which means I can work anywhere from 1 day of the week to 5 depending on when I'm needed.

I'm nowhere near as bad I was last year, in part thanks to having better self-management systems in place and hopefully, I should coming out the other end of the usual depression now that it's starting to turn to Spring ; o; 

I will probably still be on a hiatus until at least mid-march until i get a better/clearer work schedule and the sun gets a bit stronger allowing me to photosynthesise properly to bring my energy levels back up.
  • Listening to: The Greatest Showman OST
  • Reading: Audubon; On the Wings of the World
You can request via notes or in the comments below, just send the details, and I'll confirm and put you on the list if you want one. Payment will have to be done through paypal and in Pounds GB (since i live in the UK). I will draw just about anything, birdpeople, dragons, dogs, anything (apart from smut).


blue heart bullet
Custom Wings - £7.50 each (or £25 for a set of 5)
blue heart bullet
Simple Coloured Single- £15 (+£5 per extra character)
blue heart bullet
Character Reference Sheets - £25
blue heart bullet
Detailed Pictures - £45 (again +£5 per extra character)

blue heart bullet 

Things I Need to Know;

  • Commission type.
    • Custom Wings: Back only unless Front is requested.
    • Simple Colour: Will be simply cell shaded, Transparent.
    • Reference Sheets: Back, Front, Items, Colour Pallet. 
    • Detailed Picture: Fully coloured background, more detail.
  • References, full body preferably or a full good written description of what they look like and/or colours you'd like, I do not mind at all if you hand me a 3000 word essay or a Polyvore collage of clothing.
  • Pose you'd like, small details such as holding an object, character personality.
  • Background (on the detailed picture)

Active Commissions:


  • Listening to: Let's Just Live - RWBY vol 4
  • Playing: Overwatch
I'm back :D And I'm ill and exhausted from work but ah well, I'll recover with a bit of rest. Hopefully you've all been doing good o: 

So I've started working on a short comic called Sirocco, featuring park ranger IO and Miss Griffin. All the stuff i've done for it so far has mostly been concept art based so not all of what there is will be in the comic. I'm aiming to start uploading by the end of September, as since coming back I've only just had the opportunity to finish the line-art and start toning, and yes it's likely to all be in black and white save for one or two bits of colour such as on eyes because I like that style.

Sirocco Title by Blue-Hearts

On the other-side of things, I've a new set of thumbnails to do because i want to continue experimenting and developing, so expect more art soon and Commissions are open. I'm also hoping to get finished a tailfeathers tutorial/design post to go with the drawing wings posts i did a few years ago, and to update and redraw some old work so if there's anything you want to see redone, hit me up and I'll redo it better o:
You all stay golden now
    - Blue