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Fakemon: Lava Beetles by Blue-Hearts Fakemon: Lava Beetles by Blue-Hearts
I really must get the region for these sorted out before i loose the notes i had on
More Fakemon (the final evolution isn't really my favourite but was one of the older designs I had) and no they're not bug types, its a trick

#042. Larvae
Larvae is a Fire/Rock type pokémon, which lives underground near hot, pools of larva, though sometimes they retreat into tunnels where they can easily be seen as their body gems glow. Having glowing bodies in the dark may seem a bad idea as it makes them an easy target but the heat generated from them makes them little burning hot light bulbs which are difficult to touch but also light up tunnels making it easier for other pokémon to find their way around. They are often grouped together in the same cavern and tunnel networks as they are being looked after by Pyrants, which provide them with food they gather from the forests and grassland on the surface.
Types: Fire/Rock
Moves: Fire Spin, Ember, Ancient Power
Height: 0’8’ ft, 0.25 m
Weight: 30 lb, 13 kg
Evolves into: Pyrant at lv 29

#043. Pyrant
Pyrant is a hard working pokémon, which in the wild spends its time working as a community ferrying grasses from the surface down the warrens to feed the Larvae. Occasionally fights may break out if one becomes lazy and stops helping, causing other Pyrants to fight it to get it back to work; when they do bleed, they bleed lava, which is what causes their body gems to glow.
Types: Fire/Rock
Moves: Flame Burst, Larva Plume, Sandstorm.
Height: 1’8’ ft, 0.55 m
Weight: 58 lb, 26 kg
Evolves into: Ambeetle at lv 44

#044. Ambeetle
Ambeetle is the final evolution from Pyrant and is pretty much the bodyguard for the Larvae and Pyrants, bulldozing or burning their way through the tunnels and taking on any other pokémon, which they see as a threat. Like Pyrant they will sometimes appear on the surface and the easiest way to disarm one is to knock it onto its back. However the body gems are illuminated as they are filled with lava-blood so if knocked over onto grass the grass will dry out then catch fire (this is one of the reasons why some forest fires and grassland fires start) also if wounded blood will leak out then when it’s cooled and hardened forms a new body gem.
Types: Fire/Rock
Moves: Fire Blast, Blast Burn, Gem Skin.
Height: 6’1’ ft, 1.87 m
Weight: 131 lb, 59 kg
Evolves into: No further Evolutions
kittykat605 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016
You should make a Mealworm one. Because you're so great at drawing beetles, it'd be easy. Why? Because Mealworms become Beetles! :D
IShot-U Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o-o Bad people would want those crystals.
DarkKryptid Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013
I want those crystals...
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